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Date : 2018-06-09

Clinical Practice Update 2018

Clinical Practice Update 2018

Symposium organized by the Belgian Neurological Society (BNS)

09/06/2018, 9h-12h30, VUB Medical Campus Jette (Auditorium Brouwer), Laarbeeklaan 103, 1090 Brussel


Registration (8h30-9h00)

Session 1

Moderators: Adrian Ivanoiu and Veerle De Herdt

Bouke Hazenberg - New developments in hereditary amyloidosis (with emphasis on new therapies in TTR-FAP) (9h00-9h30)

Jelle Demeestere - Update on acute stroke treatment (9h30-10h00)

Guy Nagels - Do we now have a treatment for primary progressive MS? (10h00-10h30)

Break (10h30-11h00)

Session 2

Moderators: Chantal Depondt and Sebastiaan Engelborghs

Adrian Ivanoiu – Advances in the diagnosis of Lewy Body dementia (11h00-11h30)

Bart Jacobs - Update on Guillain-Barré syndrome and variants (11h30-12h00)

Massimo Pandolfo - Challenges in Genetic Diagnosis in Neurology


Lunch (12h30-13h30)




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