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Fri 20 Apr 2018

JNFL 2018

The joint meeting “Excellence in neurology” with the Société Française de Neurologie has been very successful and highly appreciated by both our French colleagues and by many Belgian neurologists present in the audience.

Therefore, the BNS ExCo would like to explicitly thank all the members of the Belgian delegation (speakers and moderators).

Mon 26 Feb 2018

BNS research prize 2018

    BNS will award research prizes in 2018. Four prices will be awarded for 500 EUR. Junior members (less than 35 years old) can apply with a scientific work that should at least be accepted for publication in an international journal. The deadline for submission is September 30, 2018. The winners of the BNS research prizes will be invited to present their work by means of an oral communication during the BNS symposium of December 8, 2018. Subsequently, an abstract of their oral communication should be submitted for publication in Acta Neurologica Belgica.
    This year, no travel grants, research fellowship or prize for the best paper in Acta Neurologica Belgica will be awarded.

Wed 04 Oct 2017


Recently, a new section of the Belgian Neurological Society was created: the "Resident and Research Fellows Section of the Belgian Neurological Society" (BNS-RRFS).

This section is specifically dedicated to :
o Residents in neurology,
o Research fellows,
o PHD students,
o Young neurologists with not more than 3 years of practice

By creating this section we aim :
o to make available useful information and advice for all our younger members about national and international events, examinations, funding, international exchanges etc.
o to stimulate meetings and networking between residents & research fellows from different Belgian universities
o to tighten the links between younger members and neurological organizations such as the BNS and EAN and to reinforce their representation in these associations.

If you feel concerned please get in touch with Sara Valckx to validate your membership as BNS-RRFS and get the reduction of the membership fees.

Also, we will have to organize the election of one BNS-RRFS representative in the BNS and EAN boards. If you are interested please send an application (CV and motivation letter) to Sara Valckx.





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Latest News

Fri 04 2018

JNFL 2018


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