2020 Awards

Dear BNS member, The BNS Executive Committee would like to announce the BNS research prizes 2020. Requirements of the BNS research prize 2020:

  • Junior BNS members (≤ 35 years old on September 20, 2020) can apply with a full length paper that has been accepted in 2019 or 2020 for publication in an international journal. Submitted papers will be scored based on methodology and originality. Review papers are not allowed, but systematic reviews will be considered.
  • Only application of BNS members will be considered. Non-members can apply for membership of the society by sending a CV to the BNS administration and by paying the membership fee, before sending in the application for the BNS research prize.
  • The applicant should be first or senior author.
  • Winners of the BNS research prizes 2019 cannot apply in 2020. These eligibility criteria will be applied strictly.
  • The final accepted version of this work or a proof of acceptance in case the work is still in press should be submitted to the BNS ExCo by email to the BNS administration (bns@neuro.be), together with a motivation letter and a CV. The deadline for submission is September 20, 2020 (midnight).
  • A maximum of four prizes of 500€ each will be awarded.
  • The winners of the BNS research prizes will be invited to give a pitch presentation at the BNS symposium of 12 DEC 2020. This information can also be found on our website neuro.be.