European Academy of Neurology (EAN) continues to pursue trustworthy guidelines. For this reason, the EAN Guideline Production Group responds with a well-defined prioritization process, approved by the Scientific Committee and the Board, which is officially being put in place as of 2022.
In line with this, EAN is launching a survey with EAN Individual members, National Societies, Partner Societies to identify the needs within the neurological community, which guidelines are lacking and are of utmost importance to advance high-quality patient care.
As a valuable part of the EAN community, we value your input in this matter, you are herewith invited to submit up to three guideline topics, which you believe EAN should focus on and develop a clinical practice guideline in the following years.
Please find enclosed an Letter of Invitation for Submission of Guideline Topic Proposals from EAN Guideline Production Group Co-Chairs, Dr. Leone and Dr. Costa. 
Please find the submission form in the following link: (Deadline for submission: 12th of January, 2022)
For more information, including timelines, please visit our website:
We look forward to your valuable input. Should you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact
Best regards & peaceful holiday season,
Abigail Magno
Scientific Department
European Academy of Neurology
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