The first 6 months of 2024 have already passed.

Time for a brief newsflash!

1. Looking Back

On March 16th, 2024, we organized a successful spring meeting in the Maisin auditorium of UCL in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe together with the Belgian Society for Clinical Neurophysiology. Thanks again to everyone who attended and contributed to the success!

2. New appointments and board members

As of January 1, 2024, BNS has a new chairperson. Prof. Dr. Bernard Hanseeuw has taken over the role from Prof. Dr. Kristl Claeys. We thank her for her dedication and hard work over the past years. Additionally, at the last general meeting, Prof. Dr. Miguel D’Haeseleer was elected as vice-president. Dr. Thomas Scheinok is the new representative for our RRFS members.

3. Upcoming Events

In the future we will continue to organize scientific meetings, with a main focus on new developments in the field of neurology and the day-to-day clinical practice of neurologists. In addition, and of increasing importance, we offer education and information through our dynamic website, by continuously updating our members on new scientific/clinical developments, activities, research collaborations and guidelines. The following meetings can already be added to your save-the-dates. • November 30th, 2024 (National History Museum – Brussels): Autumn Meeting (collaboration between BNS, BBVN/UPBN and the Flemish Movement Disorder Society • March 15th, 2025: Spring Meeting (collaboration between BNS, BBVN/UPBN, VVN, Babinski and the French speaking residents.

4. Membership Renewal

Don’t forget to renew your membership for this year (if you haven’t already) to continue enjoying the benefits. This can easily be done through our website. As a member the subscription to Acta Neurologica Belgica and the registration for the scientific meetings are included. In addition, junior members (≤35 years) can apply for one of our annual research prizes, clinical/research fellowships and travel grants. You will also automatically become an associate individual member of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), with the following benefits: ✓ Free online access to the online learning platform EAN Campus and the full online version of the European Journal of Neurology ✓ Limited access to the Guideline Reference Centre with a selected number of guidelines ✓ Pay a reduced fee at EAN congresses


1. Resident and Research Fellow Section members (RRFS): MD or MSc currently working as residents in Neurology, research fellows, PhD students or neurologists with no more than 3 years of practice after completion of the residence training. When the conditions for being BNS-RRFS are no longer applicable, the neurologist can become a full member.

2. Full member: every neurologist can apply.

3. Associate Member: non-neurologist interested in the field of neurology

4. Honorary member: every retired full member can become an honorary member.

MEMBERSHIP ANNUAL FEE BNS Full Membership 150 € / year.

Combined Full Membership BNS + BBVN/UPBN is 295 € / year.

RRFS Membership 50 € / year (first year is free).

Combined Membership BNS + BBVN/UPBN for RRFS members is 55 € / year.

TRANSFER DETAILS IBAN: BE79 0017 2988 1933 Name: Belgische Vereniging voor Neurologie / Societé Belge de Neurologie Message: Member Fee 2024 name + first name or via website

5. EAN pop-up bar

The Babinski VZW team is excited to invite you to the EAN pop-up bar event, an interuniversity initiative of Flemish residents. This is a great opportunity to network with fellow Belgian neurologists in a relaxed and social setting. Date: July 1, 2024 Time: 9:00 PM onwards Venue: Flow Bar, Castréninkatu 7, 00530 Helsinki, Finland Drinks: Free tickets for drinks will be provided To participate, please register through the following link. EAN pop-up bar 2024 (

6. Website

We furthermore would like to invite you to visit our website, where you will find information about the society, news & events, BNS research prizes and information about other events that are considered interesting by the board. Please register at our Closed Members’ Section where you can find – amongst other things – the slides of past symposia via this link :

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us at