JUNE 2021


Each year in June headache communities worldwide come together to raise awareness of Migraine.

What is migraine

 Migraine is a complex neurologic disease that has been identified as the leading cause of years lived with disability in people under the age of 50 years. It directly affects more than 1 billion people worldwide with huge socioeconomic impact. 

In recent years there have been many advances on both the acute and preventive treatment of migraine. 

Migraine Awareness Month

 The IHS Electronic Media and Education Committees are proud to present this Migraine Awareness Campaign in honour of Migraine Awareness Month, held each year in June.

 The IHS Migraine Awareness Campaign focuses on educating Healthcare Professionals, offering the essential information to assist them in managing patients with migraine.

 In this campaign IHS members present short videos in their own languages on ‘What is migraine’, ‘How to diagnose migraine’ and ‘How to treat migraine’. The content behind these videos was developed to raise awareness and promote education amongst clinicians and healthcare professionals worldwide.

 Visit the Migraine Awareness Campaign webpage on the IHS website.


Help us spread the word

Healthcare professionals play a vital role in migraine advocacy and awareness efforts. By raising awareness within the medical community and increasing educational opportunities across the world IHS aims to have a real impact on the lives of people with migraine.

 IHS has developed banners and posters to use to publicise the Migraine Awareness Campaign for different social media channels. They are available for immediate download from the webpage.

 Please share this information with your members and ask them to please

– use #migraineawareness2021 and #mham2021 in all their posts in June

use the campaign’s email signature banner during email communications in June.

Alternative graphics can be found here.

 Share amongst your colleagues and in your social media channels the educational videos we prepared in different languages, available on the IHS YouTube channel.

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